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  • Vibro Belt

Vibro Belt

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Vibro Belt in Pakistan:

This Vibro Core belt utilizes a totally one of a kind swaying rub activity to make and tone particular body components. This belt together furnishes warmed back rub with clockwise and counterclockwise movement and five administration levels. Vibro Shape Slimming Belt fit as a fiddle Belt in Pakistan kind Belt tones, fix, firm and fortify five (5) administration levels, self-impelled vehicle or manual operation, 10-minute auto-close off Heating and vibration work oscillatory warmed back rub movement, No EMS, Ease to utilize vogue, no gels required Multiple position changes Includes hand controller.

Advantages of Vibro Shape Slimming Belt

1. With PU material and floss fabric material, two Motors, warming and back rub capacity, Vibro Shape have four capacities, you can use it at particular velocities and quality.

2. This Excellent Vibro Shape Belt has an Extra belt with it as this belt is exceptionally intended for additional husky individuals who has huge stomach, can utilize this additional belt with Vibro Shape 3. Vibro Shape Belt in Pakistan has a self-Protected capacity, when the time surpasses 10 minutes, the machine will automatically stop with the goal that customer won't use it excitedly.

3. Vibro Shape Massage Belt has a fantastic remote control board, they have stable control limit. The belt massager is with one Handbag and a container, so customer can take it effortlessly all over the place.

4. Presently this model is a champion amongst the most pervasive back rub belts.

Vibro Shape Belt Price in Pakistan

Vibro shape Belt cost in Pakistan on is with exceptional Discount Offer. Rather than Rs.5500, this unique High quality Vibro Shape Belt Price is Rs. 4000.

How it functions: powerfully invigorates fat cells so they are changed into unsaturated fat (glycerol) which is then gone out as (sweat). Producer Specifications: Power: 48W Heating Temperature: 65 deg C Operating Time: 15 minutes Maximum Torso: 132cm - 52inches Power Source: Wall Outlet Dimensions: 450mm x 150mm x 90mm (in travel pack) (L x W x D)